Mission & Vision

Our Mission

As  Yolbulan Metal

  • We strive to achieve operational excellence. Quality, the number one priority, is at the core of our business strategy. We aim to achieve the best customer satisfaction with on time delivery and after sales service both in domestic and export markets
  • We try to establish strong and sustainable partnerships with our customers. We closely monitor their changing needs and to meet new demands we diversify our product range and continue to invest in our production lines whenever necessary.
  • We try our best to contribute Turkey’s steel export as well as region economy by penetrating new markets.
  • We give great importance to the health and rights of our employees, society and customers. It is our social  responsibility to integrate the best working conditions into our everyday governance and business practices.

Our Vision

We intend to please our customers, employees and shareholders by being a leader steel manufacturer in our region. We will be innovative, responsive to changes, fullfill our social responsibilities and respect our ethical values.