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Yolbulan Metal was established in 1990 under the name Işıklar Haddecilik Industry and Commerce Company. The first mill started the production of round bars and rebars towards the end of that year. The company was owned by Yolbulan Group initially and the group decided to change its name to Yolbulan Metal Industry and Commerce Joint Stock Company in 1997.

With the construction of the second mill, equal angle production started in 2000. The first mill started the production of square and flat bars in 2001. After the construction of the third mill in 2005, the production of profile groups (I and U profiles) started. The company continued to increase its product range in the following years. In 2007, IPE profiles and lastly in 2014 UAC profiles are added to product list.

As a well known Turkish steel brand, Yolbulan Metal is among the biggest 500 industrial companies according to product based sales category surveyed by ‘İstanbul Chambers of Industry’


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